Why The Events Hub?


Booking & Registration

The Events Hub offers fully configurable software that can monitor user interactions throughout the booking and registration process for delegates and exhibitors. It allows buying patterns to be identified to ensure that event revenues can be maximised across your event.

Exhibitor Zone

The Events Hub’s Exhibitor Zone is a secure area where exhibitors can login to complete specific tasks. All tasks in the Exhibitor Zone can be monitored so you can ensure that no one misses the deadlines and provides all the information required to participate in the event.

Profile Management

The profiles of exhibitors, sponsors and speakers can be easily managed with the Events Hub’s ability to share private pages. These can be shared with the relevant participants and customised for each group to allow them to securely complete their profiles for the event.

Customised Communication

The Events Hub’s communication module enables maximisation of revenues through tailored and personalised communication. Recipients can be targeted by group or by type, allowing you to create trackable communications with targeted messaging and direct call to action.

Customised Templates

The Events Hub offers the ability for all financial communications to be customised. This includes the customisation of templates and emails for all transactions, invoices, receipts, credit notes and outstanding balances and allows revenues to be managed efficiently.

Reporting and Analytics

With the Events Hub, detailed tracking and analysis is available either at a glance or in depth. Automated reports can be generated with fully configurable settings that will allow you to measure all aspects of performance and revenues.


One of the greatest features of the Events Hub is the ability to create engaging, branded websites that look amazing. Your branding can be fully visible across all touchpoints in the booking and registration processes as well as in the exhibitor zone, allowing users to interact with your brand and link directly to your social media platforms.

Scheduling & Agendas

Another great feature of the Events Hub is the schedule and agenda builder. Easy to use, this great feature allows you to create basic agendas and schedules as well as offering options for multi-day events and the ability to include streaming session options.

Single Sign On

The Events Hub recognises that your collaborators may have different roles in your exhibition or trade show or be involved in multiple events. A single sign-on means your delegates, exhibitors and sponsors all have the ability to access multiple events with ease and with only one password to remember.

Revenue Management

Another great feature of the Events Hub is that it offers easy tracking and management of all revenue generating interactions for your exhibition or trade show. This includes the ability to customise invoices and receipt templates, transact with multiple currency options and benefit from fully configurable variables for all aspects of revenue generation.

Hybrid Events

Our goal is for the Events Hub to complement your exhibitions and trade shows and allow you to sell tickets for live, in person events or virtual events that are streamed using Evessio’s Events Room. Ultimately, this will provide long-term benefits that will attract guests from around the world and therefore maximise attendance, returns and networking capabilities to a greater degree than ever before.