Terms and conditions

  1. Technical Account Management (TAM) are provided within the dates of this agreement and reside in Evessio offices.
  2. Technical Account Management is only available for Custom Service products. 
  3. Late payments could result in an interruption of service.
  4. You the customer agree for Evessio to use your logo on our website and write a testimonial with Evessio.
  5. Training with a TAM is provided FOC for up to 2 hours per year with Custom Service products.
  6. Consultancy that requires CSS and Java script modifications will be provided FOC for up to 1 hours per year.
  7. Any additional consultancy for bespoke work, training or CSS and Java script modifications can be procured at a rate of £165.00 per hour (minimum two hours purchase)
  8. Evessio can provide consultancy to set up and populate events at a cost of £2,000 +VAT per event if required
  9. Any events launched that exceed the specified limit of 1 awards room module per year will require additional modules.
  10. Refunds or credits will not be provided if projected event volumes are not met or TAM days are not utilised.
  11. Refunds will not be provided for any consultancy or development work agreed to should the agreement be terminated or there is a subsequent reduction to the scope of the work.
  12. SSL Certificates are not included in this offer but can be obtained if required.
  13. Should any event that has content including video and/or music that requires copyright, royalties or usage licenses, you the customer confirm you will have in place the appropriate licenses for your event
  14. You the customer have review and agree to the data processing document.
  15. Should you the customer not wish to continue after the renewal date, one year after the purchase of the Awards Room then those events published on the system with an event date that exceeds the renewal date can remain live and available with basic support until seven days after the event date where they will then be archived.
  16. This proposal is the final contractual document and is subject to our terms and conditions.